Food Chain - tracking food
products life cycle

We want all people to be able to quickly acquire
quality foodstuffs, through which it is possible
to create a balanced diet

White Paper

About Food Chain

Food Chain - a modern platform that uses blockchian for the health of humanity. With the help of modern technologies, the user will be able to trace the life cycle of any product in a few seconds and order it at the best possible price. Food Chain will be used for internal payments, for ordering and purchasing products, as well as for paying for additional services. The most modern encryption algorithms will allow you to store coins in an integrated wallet without fear for the safety of funds. With the help of the wallet, you can profitably exchange money on the most popular exchanges.

The Food Chain rate will grow as the platform becomes more popular. An additional opportunity to receive profit from the project is opened through the use of the Proof of Stake algorithm and masternode. This guarantees investors' interest in the project and, as a consequence, the growth of coins in the price.

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Technical info
Coin name Food Chain
Symbolr FDC
Algorithm Quark
Block Time 1 minute
MN Rewards 75%
Maturity 101 blocks
Staking age 2 hours
MN required coins 5000
Total Supply 350 000 000
Premine 250000
Block height Reward
1 - 13000 1
13001 - 50000 85
50001 - 150000 110
> 150001 40


Investors are given the opportunity to receive ever-increasing profits over a long period of time due to the use of the PoS network protection mechanism and masternodes.

  • Reduction of time spent by people on the search for quality products

  • Providing users with the opportunity to learn about the real properties of the products they consume, and choose the most appropriate

  • Decrease in the price of food products for end users thanks to the use of the blockchain

  • Providing users with the opportunity to get advice from nutrition professionals

  • Stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses, for which access to new markets is opened

  • Elimination of intermediaries and speculators, which makes the market more honest and transparent

  • Providing quick calculations through the use of blockchain and PoS

  • Scaling up the network and, as a result, increasing the value of Coin's assets 8


  • Blockchain launch
  • Pre-sale start
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Marketing campaign launch
  • Development and implementation of the algorithm for searching and comparing data on products
  • Launch of the Beta version of the mobile app
  • Release of the finished application for iOS and Android, as well as clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with food suppliers
  • Platform and mobile application updates
  • 65,000 active platform users
  • More than 50 major suppliers
  • 2019